We have the key to unlock our cage


It was not until a several years ago did I realize what these words ( bipolar) would mean to me and how it would turn my families life inside down. I like to use these social forums as a way to bring awareness and support for anyone going through and mental health struggles.



sharing doesn’t have to be scary or a form of weakness. I’ve decided to write about the good and the bad that I have been blessed with.

#mental illness #bipolar disorder along with #depression and his buddy #anxiety

The first step is truly accepting the cards you have been delt. It’s hard to accept at first but there are solutions.

  • You must stay strong and find someone who can go with you on this journey through healing. The most important thing is that we remember to take things one day at a time and we need not to punish ourselves if we have s very bad day. I know it’s hard because to the naked eyes of others we are supposed to hold it as to together, and we can buy as long as we remember that those bad days will come. We aren’t going to sit and wait for it.. No! We are going to live in that day and find joy one day at a time.